Thursday 31 August 2017

Intune hybrid portal migration to Azure

Our Intune environment is in a hybrid configuration however I wanted to have a look around the layout of the Intune portal in Azure. This was prompted by the various emails I received from Microsoft stating that there are only a few accounts to be migrated, therefore I reviewed the potential migration blockers here

It turns out that hybrid Intune is not yet supported for the Azure portal - this is not clearly documented anywhere as far as I am aware (I have also confirmed this with Microsoft technical support).
Granted there are very few reasons in which you would need to access the portal in this configuration but it would be good to have one less interface to have to log in to...
I have found a user voice there here where this feature can be voted up, looks like work has been started on this as of 14/8/17
So to help with my studies, trial subscription it is for now then.

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