Thursday 28 February 2019

OEM Config Demystified

At the end of a previous blog post - Android Enterprise and Intune: An Overview I mentioned that there were other exciting developments within the Android space. I was referring to an initiative which strives to completely transform the way Android devices are managed within the enterprise, namely OEM Config. I just thought I would spend a few moments trying to spread the word on this especially within the Intune world.

What prompted me to write this post is the latest announcement of the partnership between Samsung and Google to support the above, which for me was unexpected.

OEM Config is essentially a way of delivering new functionality for a specific OEM, such as Samsung,  to an EMM solution via the app config channels. What this would means is less time and I am assuming almost zero day support in new features being available. There would be no delay in feature release due to waiting for, in the case of Intune - the Azure / Device Management portal having interface changes made. Once the initial changes are made to support the design of OEM Config this would be all that was needed.

The above is then delivered to the device by a single app, which I think we can expect to see all sorts of weird and wonderful names made up from each OEM, Samsung's being called the Knox Service Plugin. Note that, if you hadn't read the above Samsung announcement, this is due to be released in the Spring.

So when will Intune support this? There is no indication yet, but I would be very surprised if after the latest Samsung announcement eyebrows within the Intune product group haven't been raised.

I have included additional resources below which are authored by Android expert Jason Bayton that will go into further depth;