Tuesday 29 August 2017

Android for Work Play store crashing

Okay, so a few weeks has passed since my last blog post and after returning to the office after a weeks leave, it would appear that the pilot roll out has commenced successfully for our Intune project. I made the guys aware of a known issue internally before going on leave and have now had it confirmed with Microsoft tech support as a bug.
It would appear that there is an issue with the work badged Google Play store where on enrolment it frequently crashes during the installation of enforced applications, hence delaying some application deployments.
Whilst this isn't a major issue it does sometimes make enrolment a long winded process, especially if the store crashed before there was chance for the email profile and app (in our case Gmail) to be deployed to the device.
In order to alleviate the above, the simple workaround I have implemented is to deploy only the email app, calendar app and email profile to the user account so they will be installed pretty much as soon as the device is enrolled. This tends to not crash the store.
All of the other remaining apps are deployed to the device itself, which will take place once it becomes part of a device collection within SCCM.

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