Tuesday 8 January 2019

Removing CMG Settings from Configuration Manager

Just a quick post this evening, thought I would take a break from the MD-101 Study, which I am taking the Beta exam for soon. Actually this issue was preventing me being able to create a CMG in my lab so I really needed to get it sorted before continuing.

So I first ran into this issue yesterday when I was trying to remove a CMG from my test lab, I had the following error;

I reached out to one of my cool twitter dudes, Jake Stoker, who is an EM+S warrior, to say that I may need some help and would give him a shout.

I carried out some research first this evening and stumbled across a couple of posts Microsoft MVP Anoop C Nair created on how to Clean up SCCM CMG and Cloud Services from SCCM and then saw Anoop comment at the bottom of the post with a link to FIX – Error SCCM Azure AD Web App Already Exists 

This sounded promising because I had previously experienced the issue described in the title of the second post but it would appear that I had already removed the Azure Service for Cloud Management.

I then noticed that the Server (1) and Client (2) applications were still showing under the actual connection to the Azure tenant 

Okay so maybe I needed to delete the app registrations manually in Azure AD.

Nope still the same issue.

After having a DM conversation on Twitter with Jake again this evening it was established that if there are other Azure Services Configured, like the OMS and Microsoft Store for Business, these also need to be removed, before trying to remove association with the Azure Tenant. (Kind of sounds really basic now doesn't it?) Anyway the additional steps I carried out were as follows

Navigated to Administration > Cloud Services > Azure Services then removed the OMS and MSFB connections one by one

I was then able to remove Azure AD Tenant connection from Config Manager, realising that the Applications within Azure AD could remain in place and in fact, that I didn't need to delete the CMG Server and Client Apps.

This post may help someone, but I actually just wanted to point out why I absolutely love collaborating within the EM+S community, everyone is so helpful. Thanks Jake and Anoop!

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