Friday 20 October 2017

Intune iOS Office Apps Crashing - Resolved

Further to my previous post here I can confirm that version 2.6 of the Excel and Word apps that were released on 9th October have resolved the crashing issue. Yes I know literally a day after blogging it and I have only just sent out this update! No rest for the wicked hey.
Stay tuned for some bettter quality "non-bug-reporting" blog posts - I promise!

Sunday 8 October 2017

Intune iOS Office Apps crashing

It would appear that version 2.5 of the office apps for iOS are having issues launching when deployed with a MAM policy. The app launches and if it fails to fully load within 20 seconds it simply closes again. This is more prevalent in older devices. I have tested and confirmed this with the Word, Excel and OneDrive apps.
Tech support have confirmed that Apple are aware of the issue and is a default timeout within the code which cannot be amended. Expect an update to be released within the App Store within the next few weeks.